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Certified Mindfulness Instructor

Sumaya is certified in mindfulness, hypnosis, and EFT tapping in addition to gaining her MA in Psychology from Columbia. Sumaya finds peace and strength in mental fitness and believes everyone can become the best version of themselves when they put their mind first. Her kind and thoughtful energy creates immediate relaxation in class.


Houston, TX

Go-to wellness activity

Breath work and gentle movement on my yoga mat

Favorite mindfulness guru

Allie Van Fossen

Liberate song

Just a Girl by No Doubt

Favorite mental muscle


Our clients love Misty

“Misty was fantastic! It had been a stressful morning, and after the class, I'm feeling relaxed and energized. Thank you!”

College of American Pathologists

“It was amazing! To stop and breathe deeply and actually see how that changes a person's perception of the moment - from being stressed to being relaxed! Such a simple thing and so easily forgotten to do just that one thing to relax and de-stress! Thank you for the reminder!”


“Was an amazing experience, Misty was very welcoming and authentic. Was an amazing first look into the program.”


Q&A with Misty

What do you do to manage stress?

Yoga, hot salt baths, and reiki.

How do you prioritize your mental health at work?

Since I have multiple odd jobs, I prioritize my mental health by cutting off work by 7 PM. No planning, no prepping, no researching. I want a few hours of my day to just be spent enjoying my family and hobbies while relaxing. I also love a good afternoon power nap!

What is your favorite practice for mental fitness and why?

Meditation and Breath Work because you can utilize the breath to calm the body and then meditate to calm the mind. When my mind is quiet I feel at my healthiest mentally, emotionally and energetically.

What do you love about being a Liberate leader?

I love sharing these practices with other humans! They have completely altered my life in such a profound way and I feel it is my duty to share with the world.

Personal mantra?

Slow down and enjoy the journey.

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