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Improve mental and social wellbeing at work with programs and one-time classes.

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What We Offer

Liberate engages organizations through live virtual classes, on demand content, and team-building tools to increase happiness and resilience for teams.
Connect as a team and build a mental health toolkit with interactive classes like our Intention Setting Workshop or our Gratitude Workshop. 

98% of employees that participate in Liberate events find the classes helpful and 80% gain valuable tools for work.

Support mental and social wellbeing with an ongoing, custom program for your people with a dedicated mindfulness expert. 

90% of employees reported a decrease in feelings of anxiety after completing a Liberate program and 71% report a better state of wellbeing at work.

Prioritize mental health through wellness with tools like the Liberate Wellbeing Slack Channel, our 21 Day Wellbeing Challenge, and more. 

86% of employees feel closer to coworkers after utilizing a Liberate tool at work and stress levels drop by 10%


“Super easy to work with, very accommodating to any requests, and most importantly our employees LOVED it!!”

Supporting Strategies

“I think these sorts of resources are so important. Especially these days when everything is crazy. They're calming and incredibly helpful in terms of getting you to slow down and focus.”

Cirrus Insight

“This felt special to try with my team- it's so much more engaging than offering a resource to take advantage of individually. I liked that it was so normalized and open. Thank you!!”


“I am so impressed with my company for setting this program up for us. I feel so much more connected to my co-workers and just happier at work. I always look forward to the classes.”


“A great way to take a break from the fast pace of the day and reset. Liberate is a game changer.”


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Your next wellness week or team-bonding activity is all taken care of.

Explore wellness practices like meditation, chair yoga and more to strengthen mental muscles like gratitude and confidence.

Easily integrate wellbeing into daily work life. Wellness in five minutes or less.

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The Liberate Method

Our proven method was designed to help employees build a mental health toolkit while connecting as a team. Each class is led by an expert and engages employees in an interactive flow of science-backed exercises that support engagement and mental wellbeing.
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Strengthen focus, alleviate stress & reduce anxiety 



Get intentional, boost mood & enhance creativity



Increase morale & decrease feelings of isolation



Increase self-awareness, manage racing thoughts & negative emotions

Our Founder

Meet Liv!

Liberate is founded on the belief that health is multidimensional. Part physical movement, part mindfulness training, and all community — everyone needs support to get stronger. Dreaming of a world where saying to your friend, “I took time to strengthen my presence muscle this morning” feels as normal as saying, “I worked out arms and abs this morning,” Liv Bowser set out to create the company that brings human beings together to safely and openly prioritize their mental wellbeing and inspire each other to become their best selves.

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