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Download free themed eBooks with affirmations, journal prompts, tips, and challenges, all created to inspire and support you in work and life. New eBooks every month!
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Downloadable eBooks

Beat Burnout

Download our free eBook to find levity and joy in your season


Discover tools to increase momentum and strategies to achieve your goals.


Discover the key to aligned motivation that keeps you going, even in the face of obstacles


Download our free eBook to learn how to reclaim control of your time and prioritize what truly matters.


Download our free eBook to learn how to connect with courage, exploration, and levity in work and life.


Download our free eBook to learn how to foster more self-esteem, confidence and compassion for you and your team.

Workplace Wellness

Discover wellness tips and exercises to increase connection and mental wellbeing at work.


Take great care of yourself and the people and things that take care of you.


Practice a shift in mindset toward the more positive in life to make the most out of every day.


Practice kindness toward the self with resources for self love. This eBook was created in partnership with Katelyn Hissong.


Gain tools to create a balanced mindset through journal prompts, affirmations, and more.


Shake out of a creative rut and prompt new ideas with resources for extra inspiration.


Build your productivity toolkit with resources like journal prompts and affirmations to feel focused.


Practice compassion to improve mental health, strengthen relationships, and reduce stress.

What's Included


Thematic Affirmations


Unique Prompts


Mental Fitness Tips


Mindfulness Challenge

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The Benefits of Mental Fitness

Manage and release stress and anxiety

Improve your employee’s mental wellbeing

Connect remote teams and lift morale

Strengthen employee relations and culture


“The Liberate classes were a wonderful opportunity to take a small break during the work day to reflect and get grounded, and gather tools to apply to our everyday life around mindfulness.”


Erica Schwer People Operations

“Super easy to work with, very accommodating to any requests, and most importantly our employees LOVED it!!”

Supporting Strategies

Caryn Page Senior People Operations Partner

“Liberate was able to help us put on a virtual mental wellness event for our team with short notice. The team was very responsive and professional and our employees really enjoyed the format and focus on their mental health.”


Bita Masjedi Senior People Experience Manager

“Our community resonated with Sumaya and Liberate's approach to wellness. The balance workshop was a great reset from our normal programming. As we look toward a more centered workplace, we will definitely be enlisting the aid of Liberate's service.”

The International Association of Blacks in Dance

Toran Moore Programs Manager

“A great way to take a break from the fast pace of the day and reset. Liberate is a game changer.”


Estee Amos Sr. Executive Assistant

“The guided meditation was calming and relaxing, paired with beautiful background music. All in all it was a very positive experience.”


Chen-Ping Yu Engineering Manager

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About Us

At Liberate, we focus on equipping you and your people with tangible tools to feel more connected and capable at work. Our mental fitness classes are accessible and approachable for the entire team, because we’re all in this together. 

Increase mental and social wellbeing in remote and disconnected environments. 
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Led by Experts, Backed by Science

The Liberate Method was developed with a Mental Performance Coach and blends proven wellness practices together to create a dynamic mental workout. Each Liberate class helps proactively strengthen mental wellbeing so on those tough days, your team knows they can handle it.


Strengthen focus, alleviate stress & reduce anxiety


Set and achieve goals, boost mood & enhance creativity


Increase sense of belonging & decrease feelings of loneliness


Increase self-awareness, manage racing thoughts & negative emotions

Defining Mental Fitness

The practice of taking care of your mental health in small but impactful ways to optimize individual and team performance.

Wellbeing Programs
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Get present

Find joy in the here and now

  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
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Get courageous

Shift your perspective

  • Vulnerability
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive thinking
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Get grateful

Exercise an attitude of gratitude

  • Appreciation
  • Kindness
  • Relationship-building
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Get confident

Step into your power

  • Self-love
  • Pride
  • Compassio
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Get resilient

Rise to any challenge

  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Clarity

Get Mentally Fit

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