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Liberate was founded on the belief that health is multi-dimensional. We exist to help teams and individuals prioritize mental wellbeing and build a mental health toolkit.
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Our Story

Hi, I’m Liv. Founder and CEO of Liberate.

7 years ago, I landed my dream job at a high-growth start up. I hustled hard, put in the hours, and received regular promotions. But behind my success and excitement about the company was debilitating stress and burnout. I experienced loss of appetite, anxiety tremors, inability to sleep, and even visual impairment. I didn’t know how to manage my stress at work, and my employer didn’t have any resources available to help me.
So I left my dream job in order to prioritize my mental health. I went on a wellness journey and became a certified meditation, mindfulness, and yoga teacher. The practices helped me build a toolkit of stress-management skills and feel more calm and capable no matter what life threw my way.
I watched my friends struggle at work in the same way I had and I realized I wasn’t alone. 80% of employees feel stressed, anxious, or lonely every single day. So I created Liberate, a wellness platform and community, to strengthen mental and social wellbeing.
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What We Do

We believe that mental fitness should be accessible and approachable for the masses. Otherwise, you and your people miss out on all of the benefits that mindfulness has to offer, like lower stress levels, heightened focus, better mood, more sound sleep, and stronger relationships.


Strengthen focus, alleviate stress & reduce anxiety


Set and achieve goals, boost mood & enhance creativity


Increase sense of belonging & decrease feelings of loneliness


Increase self-awareness, manage racing thoughts & negative emotions

The Liberate Method

The Liberate Method was developed with a Mental Performance Coach and offers dynamic exercises that are accessible for all levels. The result is an interactive mental workout that strengthens muscles like presence, confidence, and resilience.

The Five Mental Muscles

Liberate was founded on the belief that we have five key mental muscles that help us become our best selves. The muscles are presence, courage, gratitude, confidence and resilience. Within each of these mental muscles are key skills that we can cultivate.

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Get present

Find joy in the here and now

  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
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Get courageous

Shift your perspective

  • Vulnerability
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive thinking
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Get grateful

Create a balanced mindset

  • Appreciation
  • Kindness
  • Relationship-building
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Get confident

Step into your power

  • Self-love
  • Pride
  • Compassion
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Get resilient

Rise to any challenge

  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Clarity

How We Can Help

Our mental fitness platform is team oriented and uses proven wellness practices to increase happiness and resilience at work.
Trusted by more than 200 organizations

Meet Our Team

Our team is composed of passionate and mindful human beings who are committed to empowering people to prioritize their wellbeing. 
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Our Mission

Liberate is a mental fitness platform on a mission to strengthen collective mental health through mindfulness

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