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We're a full service wellness production studio that offers everything from strategy to final product for your business.

What We Offer

Liberate creates custom content to help your business better support your clients' mental wellbeing and mindfulness.


Breathwork is one of the fastest growing mindfulness practices because of the plentiful benefits it has on the body and mind. We teach over 20 different breathwork practices for anytime, uplifting, and calming techniques.

Liberate breathwork classes range from 1-30 minutes in length.


Meditation improves anxiety 60% of the time. When your customers feel better, they can make the most out of the services you offer.

Liberate has led meditations for thousands of organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies.


Another growing practice, reflection journaling can strengthen users' focus and gratitude, ultimately improving their experience on your platform.

Liberate is known for its leading platform for journaling.

Additional Modalities

Stand out from competitors with unique practices. We offer additional modalities including hypnosis and EFT Tapping.

Liberate experts hold certifications in over 10 modalities.

What We Do

After working with hundreds of companies, we noticed a pattern: every organization has unique needs. We offer everything from strategy to scripting to recording and editing, with the ability to create a custom package just for you.
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Looking to add new mindfulness content to your platform or services, but not an expert? We build your digital content strategy for you.



Our team is experts in over 10 different wellness modalities. We script your content for your review and approval.



Quality content is a non-negotiable. We record audio content with one of the best music producers in the country, to ensure a premium experience for your community.​


Post Production

Don't worry about editing, UX design, and the like. We do it all. With efficiency, we deliver final files for you to own in perpetuity.

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Looking for content samples or a custom proposal for your project? We would love to connect.   

Interest in breathwork has grown 41% in the last year. Paced breathing is associated with relaxation and wellbeing.

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Of people say that mental wellbeing is their #1 reason for exercising.


Strengthens focus, alleviates stress & reduces anxiety


Increased goal achievement, boosts mood


Increases energy, relieves pain, calms stress


Increases self-awareness, manages racing thoughts & negative emotions

Proven Practices for Total Wellness

Customers are looking for total mind and body wellness. Whether you offer experiential wellness services, HIIT workouts, or sleep resources, our mental fitness content adds more value to your library. We are experts in 10+ accessible wellness practices that offer dynamic, approachable mental workouts.
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Five Star Reviews

The activity that seemed really simple, but I have never done before. I found the activity to be helpful in breaking down my fears and anxiety and realizing that there are small easy tangible steps to overcome it. I am going to do this every time anxiety pops up this week and share with my husband."

"I enjoyed my guided mediation. I was able to clear my mind and focus on the moment. Amazing way to end my day."

"This was very relaxing and made it very easy to journal. Sometimes I have struggled with keeping up with it and now I feel motivated again. Make longer content, this was so enjoyable!"

"Enjoy the pace and the methods used during Liberate classes. Will use the technique in both personal and work life."

"She has a lovely voice, and lead a wonderful meditation session. I highly recommend."

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Why Us

We are on a mission to strengthen collective mental health through mindfulness. We've worked with over 300 organizations so far, created hundreds of pieces of content, and led thousands of wellness events.

Our Founder

Meet Liv!

Liberate is founded on the belief that health is multidimensional. Part physical movement, part mindfulness training, and all community — everyone needs support to get stronger. Dreaming of a world where saying to your friend, “I took time to strengthen my presence muscle this morning” feels as normal as saying, “I worked out arms and abs this morning,” Liv Bowser set out to create the company that brings human beings together to safely and openly prioritize their mental wellbeing and inspire each other to become their best selves.

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