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Liv Bowser is the CEO and founder of Liberate and is the leading voice for wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. She was listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 Class of 2024 as the visionary behind mainstreaming mental fitness at work and in life. Liv is a certified meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and breathwork teacher and has been featured in renowned publications such as Business Insider and Thrillist as a mental fitness expert. She has led Liberate classes for Google, WPP, Netflix, Dell, Anheuser-Busch and many more global organizations. To get in touch with Liv for questions about Liberate, content creation, media inquiries, or podcast guest opportunities, click here.
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Cazenovia, NY

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Joseph Goldstein

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Don't Kill My Vibe by Franz Schröder

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Our clients love Liv

“This was extraordinary. In my experience with subjects as with such a broad array of approaches and perspectives it's easy to gravitate toward catering to insiders -- those already accustomed to the subject. I've noticed that there are some practitioners who are really skilled at staying at the "doorway" into a complex and convoluted subject refuse to be budged. Liv do a superb job staying focused on the goals we set for the experience. It was a pleasure partnering with Liberate. Thank you so much.”


“Liv was a fantastic facilitator - made me feel safe, calm, and confident!”


It was an absolute pleasure working with Liv! I enjoyed collaborating with her to build a mental fitness program for cross-functional teams, which she facilitated in a warm and professional manner. Liv's approach and demeanor were inviting and encouraging, creating a space where my teams felt they could pause from the day to day, learn about themselves, each other and build capabilities that they can take with them beyond her sessions.


“Liv was patient and easy to follow her steps for meditation and chair yoga!”

Supporting Strategies

“I was feeling the normal Monday blues, overwhelmed about the week to come(not just about work!). Joining this session allowed me to meditate, and analyze my head space and how I want to be intentional this week.”


“The playlist actually added a lot for me! Liv did a great job. I was surprised that I really did feel a confidence boost at the end.”


We've had Liv deliver mindfulness workshops/sessions the past two years and the response from our team members has been overwhelmingly positive. Many of them cite the value of the content - tips, tools - but many found the way Liv conducted the session allowed them to feel free to participate at whatever level they wanted.


“Courses were great. Nice to take time away from work to reflect and check in with yourself. I really enjoyed the sessions with Liv. She is the sweetest and captivating! These classes are a nice break from the workday, and I am able to refocus and have a better/more productive rest of the day.”


“Thank you once again for being such a star! Great and easy company, as well as professional.”

Be Good

Liv hosted a virtual workshop with our private membership community for female founders and knocked it out of the park. She helped this group of busy, overworked, and overwhelmed founders build a resilience toolkit of tangible tools that translate to work and personal life. Not only was it grounding, but it was also interactive and lead to insightful conversations with attendees.

Female Founder Collective

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Liv's Story

How it Started

Liv used to think that health was all fruits, veggies, and running. A new high-pressure job quickly made her realize that health was so much more than that.
In an attempt to relieve the stress, anxiety, and burnout she was experiencing in her new role as employee #1 at a startup, Liv started running more and went to SoulCycle 7 days a week. Still, she felt her stress levels increase day after day. It became clear that physical fitness was not the only indicator of health — she needed to work on building her mental muscles, too.
So, she downloaded a meditation app and began therapy, both of which helped her to make progress toward mental wellbeing, but left her feeling isolated. She began to ask herself — why did mental health have to feel so lonely? Why couldn’t working on your mental muscles be as social, supportive, and uplifting as heading to SoulCycle with friends?
Liv continued to dial in her own mental wellness practice, and as the months went on, she found that a balance of guided meditation, journaling, and yoga was helping her feel more confident and capable on a daily basis and sharpen her stress management skills.
The one thing that was still missing was a sense of community. So, Liv decided to build it herself.
Liv became a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher as well as an RYS certified yoga instructor. She interviewed psychologists, mental performance coaches, fitness instructors, and other health professionals, and ultimately, created the one-of-a-kind Liberate Method and the world’s first mental fitness studio for teams.

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We believe that mental fitness should be accessible and approachable for the masses. Otherwise, you and your people miss out on all of the benefits that mindfulness has to offer, like lower stress levels, heightened focus, better mood, more sound sleep, and stronger relationships.
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Liberate was founded on the belief that health is multi-dimensional. We exist to help teams and individuals prioritize mental wellbeing and build a mental health toolkit.

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