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August 13, 2023
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‘Tis the season of PTO, so you may have either recently returned from a trip or are planning to take one in the next month or two. 

I am lucky to say that I just got back from a week and a half in Europe. I had a ton of fun. Some days, it was difficult for me to be present. I found myself thinking about the next leg of the trip, and the state of work when I got home. 

For the most part though, the vibes were high. I felt happy, excited, present, grateful, alive, curious, the list goes on.

And what I realize is that I don’t usually feel that elated in my daily work life… but I could. My work is interesting, I’m grateful for my job, I have a wonderful home, friends, and partner. So why do I not feel as happy as I do on vacation? 

For me, I think it has something to do with comparison and distraction. I imagine a better state than the one I’m currently in while working from home. I don’t notice the little things. I’m not as present. I worry more. I enthuse less. 

With a flip of the script though, we could treat everyday the way I treat vacation. 

It’s rare. It’s special. It is a treat. And it is temporary. 

Think about it.

You worked hard for this time off. You felt a lot of good emotions about it. And you will miss it when it’s gone. 

The odds are, this is all true about the present moment, too. 

You worked hard for this job. You were excited to learn from your manager. You will look back fondly on this period of your growth as a human and professional. 

So, as an experiment, try it. 

I mean, don’t turn your phone off in the middle of the day, there is work to do! But enthuse over small things in daily life, ask a lot of questions, be present with your partner, and go off the grid (phone) on the weekends. 

I shouldn’t require a trip to Mallorca in order to tap into the brightest side of myself. That joy is available all the time. 

If you knew that this day was just as precious and valuable as a day in the South of France, how would you treat it? How would your attitude shift?

Personally, I would be more loving, grateful and present. I would walk outside and feel the sun on my face. And I would really try to complain less, because what do I have to complain about, really?

Helpful Resources:

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  2. For the vacation days 
  3. For the rest of the month 


With love and light,

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