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July 30, 2023
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I hope you’re feeling grateful to be another day older and wiser! 

I was flipping through my journal the other day when I came across a letter I wrote to my younger self on 2.28.23. 

This is a classic journaling exercise that can help increase compassion and self-love, realign with personal values and recommit to your goals. 

When I read it four months after writing it, I have to admit that I was moved. I appear to have much more compassion for my younger self than I do for my present self. So, I would like to challenge you to write a letter to your younger self, too. And in true Liberate fashion, this wouldn’t be an empowering challenge unless I led by example, so here it goes: 

Little Liv,

You have so much to look forward to. You’re going to evolve more than you could imagine to become a free change-maker who forges her own path and greets every day with courage. You will stumble a lot but not to worry, you always get back up. Similarly, you will go through your fair share of heartbreak. Remember to trust your path, stay present and grateful, and be kind to others. You are sensitive. This makes you kind and giving, and also brings you pain. Sometimes you get sad, but I bet that doesn’t surprise you. You need to work on not being so hard on yourself and others. Remember that we’re all just human. You are a little bit like a superhuman, the way you manifest your dreams and desires. Keep that up! Focus on the good and it will get greater. Call your parents and grandparents. Make sure to spend a lot of time in nature, it is incredibly healing for you. People love you. I love you. Make sure to show yourself that love. 

Oh the places you go,

… pretty sweet right!? And that’s the point. This letter should be loving and motivational, the way you would talk to your nephew or neighbor or any beloved person in your life. 

Now it’s your turn! If you feel comfortable, set a timer for 1-3 minutes and take that time to give your younger self the grounded, honest pep talk that your current self may need right about now. 

Let me know how it goes 🙂

Helpful Tools: 

  1. My new favorite journal 
  2. If you would like help with an exercise like this, ask a therapist
  3. For even more weekly support, my favorite newsletter.

With love and light, 

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