Mental Fitness Journal


Meet the first-ever Mental Fitness Journal. 

This journal includes exercises, education, and challenges to support mental health. Enjoy daily affirmations, intention setting, and unique prompts and exercises centered around our five mental muscles of presence, courage, gratitude, confidence and resilience.

Plus, there are weekly breaks that include education on mindfulness techniques, mental muscle check-ins, and letters from our founder, Liv, all designed to remind you that you’re getting stronger and you’re never alone!

264 pages. 


How to Use

Dedicate up to five minutes a day on your mental wellbeing. This journal will guide you through inspiring and thought-provoking exercises to strengthen your mental muscles. Keep the journal somewhere you can see it so you always remember to take time for your mind!

Use the education pages to learn more about proven mindfulness practices and check in with your own mental strength.

Daily exercises

Build strength from the inside out


Boost mood and confidence

Intention setting

Set and achieve goals

Unique prompts

Increase self-awareness and joy

Loved by

The benefits of journaling

Lower stress and anxiety

Better sleep and mood

Increased creativity and memory

Helps with focus and goal achievement

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  1. Lila

    This is my favorite journal of all time!!! It really feels like I’m journaling with someone else like a friend or someone who gets it.

  2. Daniela

    I appreciate the pages in this journal that talk about ways to do more for your mental health on a daily basis and actually explain the specific benefits of everything.

  3. Alec

    Really nice looking journal. The prompts really make you think. I’ve been into journaling lately and this is my favorite journal that I’ve found.

  4. Cranmore

    I am looooving my new journal!! It’s packed with all the essentials and none of the random info that’s found in other prompted journals that i’ve tried. Each day, it gives my brain a different workout to make my journaling more purposeful. I struggle with generic prompts that just lead to endless overthinking, but these are one-of-a-kind and thought-provoking without being overwhelming!! There’s ample space for jotting down notes (and in my case, doodles too), and the clean layout keeps things manageable. Solid 10/10 🙂

  5. Skye

    I am absolutely loving this journal!! The outside is beautiful- I love the minimalistic design and linen material- it feels great in your hands and is very high quality. I’ve always loved journaling but it’s a habit that I’ve struggled to stay consistent with and using these guided daily prompts and affirmations has helped me re-incorporate journaling into my morning or night routine every day. It’s also nice that there’s space for free journaling or jotting down notes throughout. What I love most are the sections with more information on the benefits of everything- these keep me motivated to keep journaling!! I can’t recommend this journal enough.

  6. Carly

    I highly recommend this journal! Whether you are new to journaling or have tons of experience this is perfect! It has great prompts and affirmations to guide you along the way!

  7. ViV S

    As they say, until you change your thinking, you will always recycle your experiences. What you say and think to yourself shapes how you view the world. This journal is the perfect gift for someone or yourself who wants to liberate your mind. With guided questions for each type of mediation (presence, courage, graititude, confidence and resilience). You won’t be bored with the affirmations, intentions and prompts to help you have a space for your thoughts. It is a 6 month commitment of journaling for yourself. But I think you can miss a day or have gaps. Just keep writing. Keep reading. Keep studying. Keep working. Keep pushing. Keep taking care of yourself. This little notebook will pay off.

  8. John Bowser

    I have been journaling on and off for years. I’ve tried everything. This journal is by far the best thing I have used. The key is to journal regularly and thoughtfully. This journal helps you do both. If you want to try journaling, and you want to give it a good shot at being successful for you, try this journal.

  9. Debbie Jones

    I have never really journaled before, this journal has made it easy and approachable. But it also has helped me stay on track, I have journaled every day since receiving this. I love every prompt and feel so wonderful after starting my day with each thought provoking page.

    I can not recommend it enough, I even bought one for both my sisters.

  10. Kaitlin

    This daily journal is the best way to start your day with a smile and token of appreciation. The Liberate team do a nice job with thoughtful and playful prompts. I already bought this as a gift for a friend because I loved mine so much!

  11. Leo B

    I bought it because the cover was pretty and it’s a woman owned business. I love it because it’s fun and different where all the others journals are boring. I do it everyday!

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What are your discounts for bulk orders?

Email Liv at or contact us here and we’ll hook you up with discounts for orders of 10+ journals.

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Do you offer customizations?

Yes! We can place your company logo on the front of the journal (where the Liberate logo is now) and change the color of the journal at your request, too. We require 4 weeks lead time for custom orders.

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Liberate is on a mission to strengthen collective mental health through mindfulness. We exist to empower teams and individuals to build a mental health toolkit and better manage stress and build success.

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