Team-Building for the Modern Workforce

Liberate’s virtual culture-building activities introduce your team to inspiring tools for mental fitness: building genuine connections centered on personal wellness.
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Trusted by more than 200 organizations

Programs & Tools

Liberate builds custom programs with measurable results that engage your people and improve mental wellbeing at work. 

Live Virtual Classes

Our interactive wellness classes create a culture of connection and help team members find common ground while learning new stress management tools. 

Liberate classes have a NPS score of 80 across all industries and hundreds of five star reviews

On Demand App and Library

Engaging on demand classes help build mental muscles like resilience and confidence, equipping your team with tools to navigate through challenges and thrive under pressure. 

The variety of practices in our library see 5x engagement over a single modality solution (like a meditation app).

Slack or Teams Integrated Wellbeing Channel

We meet employees where they are and offer daily opportunities for meaningful connection and knowledge share across functions, creating a stronger community at work.

Employee engagement with the channel sees virtually no drop off month over month.

Wellbeing Challenges

A low cost, high care initiative that helps your people grow, learn and engage with wellbeing for just $6/employee. 

This service takes less than 30 minutes to implement for your entire team. 


Journals can be added to employee gifting or onboarding kits to uniquely support the mental wellbeing of team members and prevent burnout. 

89% of employees believe that corporate gifts bring teams closer together. 

Offsites and Events

Our team helps you prioritize team-building with in person connection. We facilitate mindfulness sessions throughout the offsite to create an environment of balance and connection.

Liberate leaders have an average of 4.8 out of 5 star ratings from thousands of clients

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Looking for engaging team-building ideas or stress relief for your workplace? We would love to connect.   

Employees without meaningful connections at work are 5X more likely to be disengaged and 2.5X more likely to quit.

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Of employees experience high levels of daily stress, loneliness, and disconnection.

Connected People Work Better

Mental fitness is a catalyst for individual and organizational success. Every Liberate program includes reporting so that you can measure the positive ROI on wellbeing.

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Get present

Find joy in the here and now

  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
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Get courageous

Shift your perspective

  • Vulnerability
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive thinking
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Get grateful

Create a balanced mindset

  • Appreciation
  • Kindness
  • Relationship-building
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Get confident

Step into your power

  • Self-love
  • Pride
  • Compassion
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Get resilient

Rise to any challenge

  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Clarity


Strengthen focus, alleviate stress & reduce anxiety


Set and achieve goals, boost mood & enhance creativity


Increase sense of belonging & decrease feelings of loneliness


Increase self-awareness, manage racing thoughts & negative emotions

Built for Business, Backed by Science

The Liberate Method was developed with scientifically proven techniques, in partnership with a Mental Performance Coach. We combine several accessible wellness practices to create dynamic, approachable mental workouts.
Every Liberate class helps proactively strengthen mental wellbeing while creating organic team bonding.  The result: your team will be better prepared to handle challenges at an individual and collective level.
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“The Liberate programming is really unique and allowed us to come together as a team. It has had a positive long term impact for our teams at Stellar.”

Anthony Escamilla

Head of Technical Recruiting, Stellar Health

“The 4 week course was a helpful reset tool to help us work better as a team and feel less burnt out. I think it’s imperative that every team does this training.”

Alec Shuster

Director of Strategy and Planning Anheuser-Busch

“It is nice to have this scheduled on the calendar as part of the work day so I could just get away and relax my brain for a few minutes. I enjoy getting to know my co-workers. I think all too often we forget that our co-workers are people and have struggles too. I feel closer to my team now.”

Tina Joynt

Account Manager Quality Components

“After the first program together, our team had nothing but positive reviews. We knew we wanted to do more programming with Liberate again.”

Emily Wong

Chief of Staff Stevenson Search

“100% I think this should be mandatory! These courses sparked so much motivation and positivity that is lost in the corporate world. I appreciate everyone involved in making this happen for us!”

Desiree Sanchis

Director of eCommerce Marketing

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Why Us

We’ve been the burnout employees. We’ve been the isolated, lonely remote workers. We know how it feels to be disengaged at work, and we’re here to help create a culture of connection and resilience.

Case Studies

Our Most Popular Virtual Team Activities

Intention Setting Workshop

Connect as a team to learn how to set and achieve goals while building more confidence and clarity at work.

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"I was feeling the normal Monday blues, overwhelmed about the week to come (not just about work!). Joining this session allowed me to meditate, and analyze my head space and how I want to be intentional this week."


Our Most Popular Virtual Team Activities

Mindfulness with Coffee

Create more presence, calm and joy in daily work through this experiential wellness activity.

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"This was an excellent session! We have a lot going on in our business right now, and this came at just the right time. Leaving this class feeling more confident and with new tools to use."

Crowe Copywriting

Our Most Popular Virtual Team Activities

Resilience Workshop

Increase creativity, flexibility, and clarity as a team through interactive mindfulness exercises.

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"This felt special to try with my team- it's so much more engaging than offering a resource to take advantage of individually. I liked that it was so normalized and open."


Need something custom?

We would love to create custom programming for you and your team. Let us know how we can help and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.
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