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August 27, 2023
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Finally, this is the tangible letter from me that you’ve been hoping for. 

This letter is about cleaning up your inbox. 

And I’m not even kidding. 

When I got back from vacation I had 1,000+ emails in my personal inbox. Emails from Everlane, Hoka, Half Baked Harvest, 5 different business newsletters, and a mountain I hiked in Vancouver two years ago. 

I got on the plane, and with the same focus, dedication, and drive that I bring to my work, I deleted almost every single one of them. 

What is fascinating about this to me is if these emails aren’t important, why do I subscribe to them?

I haven’t gone to DryBar in six years and yet I let the brand (great brand, no hate) take up space in my inbox, my brain, and my day. 

We always talk about how time is our most precious resource, so why not free up some of our time by literally unsubscribing from the things that no longer serve us?

My prompt to you is this: what are you subscribing to in your life, that isn’t important to you? This goes beyond emails – it can be a routine, a store, a mindset. Once you’ve written down your subscriptions, ask yourself – is it time to unsubscribe? 

I personally unsubscribed from 10+ brands on the plane. I unsubscribed from “worst case” thinking about work, social media scrolling, and biking without a helmet. It’s a small dent, but it’s a start. 

Your turn!

Resources to Refresh:

  1. My unsubscribe song
  2. Try a social media cleanse 
  3. Figure out what you care about 


With love and light,

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