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Liberate provides a range of comprehensive and thoughtful mental fitness resources to help you succeed in work and life.
Take time for your mind, learn new skills, and meet like minded human beings through live and on demand classes with journaling and meditation.
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Build new healthy habits with digital and physical journals, designed to introduce you to practices like affirmations and intention setting.
Explore free eBooks that dive deep into topics including creativity, gratitude, burnout, workplace wellness, and much more.

“The breathwork in the beginning really helps me focus when it comes to writing! Definitely, something I need to be doing every week!”


Los Angeles, CA

“This class was exactly what I needed! Through the journaling and meditation exercises, I fully understand what I need to continue to have an abundance mindset. ”


Hoboken, NJ

“I am so much more confident and proud of myself from taking these classes. Liberate classes make me feel better in my own skin. It feels really good to witness my own growth.”


New York, NY

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Join our free monthly community class to connect with other mindful humans.

Explore wellness practices like meditation, chair yoga and more to strengthen mental muscles like gratitude and confidence.

Easily integrate wellbeing into daily work life. Wellness in five minutes or less.

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The Liberate Method

Our proven method was designed to help you build a mental health toolkit while connecting as a team. Each class is led by an expert and engages employees in an interactive flow of science-backed exercises that support engagement and mental wellbeing.
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Strengthen focus, alleviate stress & reduce anxiety



Get intentional, boost mood & enhance creativity



Increase morale & decrease feelings of isolation



Increase self-awareness, manage racing thoughts & negative emotions

The Five Mental Muscles

Liberate was founded on the belief that we have five key mental muscles that help us become our best selves. The muscles are presence, courage, gratitude, confidence and resilience. Within each of these mental muscles are key skills that we can cultivate.

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Get present

Find joy in the here and now

  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
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Get courageous

Shift your perspective

  • Vulnerability
  • Problem-solving
  • Positive thinking
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Get grateful

Exercise an attitude of gratitude

  • Appreciation
  • Kindness
  • Relationship-building
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Get confident

Step into your power

  • Self-love
  • Pride
  • Compassion
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Get resilient

Rise to any challenge

  • Creativity
  • Flexibility
  • Clarity


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