The Easiest Fun Team Activities for Zoom

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December 1, 2021
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If you have the time, you can make some truly amazing virtual team-building activities. All it takes is enough time and the right programs, and you can put together some incredibly sophisticated activities that will leave everyone in awe of your technical prowess.

However, let’s be real, how often are the stars going to align to give you everything you need? You could very likely be in a situation where all you have is your laptop, and a single night to think up some ideas for fun team activities for Zoom as part of a virtual happy hours event. If you’re in a panic and looking for some easiest virtual team-building activities, you’re in luck. This piece will help cut the stress with some easy ideas that require little in the way of prep.

Icebreaker Questions

You’ve been through them, you know them, you love them. If this is one of your first team meetings and you want to wipe 30 minutes right off the schedule, there’s nothing easier than coming up with a list of questions to ask your remote workers. There’s also no pressure on the people answering since there are no correct answers. You should try to spice this up with some more offbeat questions – less “where are you from” and more “what fictional character would you want to have drinks with”.

If you want to get fancy, you can actually get people to send in answers to your own questions beforehand. Then the game becomes not just answering questions, but trying to match answers to people. This lets everyone get a bit more engaged in the process, and makes you look like an organizational champ.

Trivia Time 

Facts are fun – and better yet, they’re free! Setting up a pub trivia style competition for your remote workers is as easy as googling some trivia questions. With this, you can keep even a large group of people working from home entertained for a few hours – especially if you keep a running scoreboard over multiple trivia sessions in order to build up that competition.

If you need help with this fun team activity for Zoom, there are also tons of programs and downloads you can find online that will basically run the whole thing for you. You’ll look like a champ to all the remote employees, and maybe learn a thing or two.

Virtual Escape Rooms

If you’ve downloaded some trivia programs and found that they worked well as a virtual activity, why not try virtual escape rooms? These can provide all the brain-straining fun of a regular escape room but can be done entirely as a virtual event. When it comes to fun team activities for Zoom, this is certainly one of the more impressive ones you can bring to a virtual meeting – however, do note that the best virtual escape rooms might require payment. 

Photo Scavenger Hunts 

If you really want to save time on thinking up fun team activities for Zoom, why not let your remote workers do all the hard work? A photo scavenger hunt is incredibly easy to set up but promises tons of engaging fun. Simply hold a contest of who can quickly return a photo of any given object. While photo scavenger hunts are generally associated with being able to get out and around the city, you can easily do them on a video call with a little creativity. You just need to look for objects or things that people could potentially find around their house – the weirder or more specific, the better! 

Fun team activities for Zoom aren’t just a way for you to fulfill a quota of company events. They can be very important for helping your team beat isolation if they are remote working, and thus promote mental fitness. If you and your team have been feeling stressed lately, make sure to check out our corporate programs

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