Gratitude and Mindfulness: Podcasts to Embrace the Holiday Season

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November 10, 2023
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As the holiday season approaches, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on gratitude and embrace mindfulness. Podcasts are one of our favorite ways to incorporate these principles into our lives, they offer inspiration and practical tips for finding joy during this festive time and beyond.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are some of our favorite podcasts that delve into the themes of gratitude, mindfulness, and overall wellbeing. 🎧


  1. On Purpose with Jay Shetty – 5 Mindfulness Practices for Stress Relief in Any Workplace & 5 Simple Habits to Improve Your Focus

This episode discusses what it takes to be truly happy, the practice of mindfulness, processing the thoughts in your head to truly understand yourself, and finding your true purpose in life.

In this episode, Dr. Edith Eger who is a holocaust survivor, author, and specialist in the treatment of PTSD, shares how to change your life using simple principles like forgiveness and gratitude.

In this episode, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D, a licensed psychologist, shares 6 tips to help you steady yourself for the holidays. 

In this episode, Laura Gassner Otting, author and professional speaker, shares how to define what success looks like for each of us and how to feel grateful by being fully present.

For our science enthusiasts – this episode discusses the science of gratitude, which has been shown in peer-reviewed studies to have tremendous positive effects on mental and physical health.

Start your day with this podcast episode that explores how the words you use have the power to transform your perception of yourself and the world around you.



We hope these podcasts can provide resources to inspire and guide you on your journey toward a more joyful and appreciative holiday season. 

Tune in, reflect, and embrace the spirit of gratitude this season. 

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