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September 22, 2020
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Our class leaders Kat N. and Katherine D. share their favorite ways to take care of their mental health outside of Liberate.

Kat N. @empowerwithkat

1. Set Boundaries. I set boundaries for work, relaxing, and socializing. If I receive a work email at 10:00 pm I won’t respond to it until the morning. And vice versa if my friends are blowing up a group chat during my most productive time of the day, I will respond later. Only you know what you need.

2. Remove negativity. There is so much energy in the world, positive and negative. The more negative energy we can remove from our lives the lighter we will feel. I am a firm believer in letting go anything that does not deserve my time or energy (social media, relationships, a thought) – because those are two things that are limited.

3. Spend time alone.  It’s easy to become co-dependent on friends or partners, but we should be able to be happy alone as well. I give myself solo time to go to a nice restaurant, try something new, and taking a few minutes a day to meditate.

Katherine D. @mindful_journey

1. Check in mid-day. Although I meditate in the morning and read before bed, I’ve noticed I need a mid-day check in with myself to regroup. Right now it’s journaling and snacking. I leave all technology inside, reflect on how the day’s been going so far, and have some time to eat and hydrate mindfully.

2. Try therapy: I’m a huge proponent of supporting your mental health through therapy (no stigma!). It’s helpful for me to have time carved out each week where I can talk through challenges and move forward to show up more fully for the people and things in my life.

3. Move. This can look like yoga, stretching, a Melissa Wood workout, walking, or dancing around my apartment. I feel an instant boost to my mood and moving helps me connect my mind and body with the present.

Looking for more ways to feel your best? Join a class and practice mindfulness with us.

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