Why You Should Outsource Your Virtual Events

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January 27, 2022
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Outsourcing events was not an uncommon practice for companies in the days before the pandemic. Yet, some companies figure that since everything is virtual, now is the time to “scale back” and handle their virtual events themselves. Just because something is virtual doesn’t make it simpler, however. This piece explains why you should look to outsource virtual events, including events and classes for mental wellness. 

What Is Virtual Event Management?

A virtual event is any event that takes place in a virtual space. This could range from a simple online meeting to an elaborate hybrid webinar merging physical and virtual components. 

Essentially every business today needs to operate some form of virtual event. This is especially true with the rise in the number of remote workers out there. Any company with a remote team is going to have to understand at least the basics of video conferences and live streaming. 

Coordinating a virtual event for remote employees and clients includes many moving parts. Learning topic expertise, coordinating calendars, building presentations and providing quality information are just a few top of mind tasks when preparing to host a virtual event. 

The best investment to make when considering a virtual event for your team would be to engage with talented and expert facilitators. It’s no wonder that more businesses are outsourcing their virtual events to virtual event management companies. These virtual event companies specialize in running online events, from start to finish.

Why You Should Use Virtual Event Companies

Some people are all about outsourcing. Other company heads are a bit uncertain about moving things out of house. When it comes to virtual events, however, outsourcing them is always a good idea, for small, medium and large corporations.

It all comes down to scale. Hosting a series of virtual events is complicated. There’s a reason entire virtual event companies exist that specialize in single virtual event platforms, or single types of virtual events. If you want to take this task on, it’s going to require a lot of manpower, time, and financial support. Worst of all, for all that effort, put in, you’ll still not get the highest level of professionalism possible. 

There’s also the matter of expertise. Curating a concept for your virtual event, talk track, interactive games and keeping participants engaged is a whole additional skill set that your company might not be equipped for. Do you have an employee that specializes in virtual team-building events in your company? What about an expert in corporate mental fitness? Whether for virtual team events, or virtual events targeted to client building relationships – this is a huge undertaking. 

When to Outsource Virtual Events

There are no hard and fast rules about when is the right time to outsource your virtual events. But the main focus should be the quality of the event and the validity of the content. Sure, a manager or ambitious employee could run the event, but there are a few questions to consider: What if they aren’t familiar with the information being shared? Will the planning of this event cut into the employee’s actual work responsibilities? Will running this virtual event in house cost more in human capital than monetarily if it were outsourced?  

To run a decent virtual event, you need at least three people to operate it: a presenter, moderator and technical support. Not to mention, the facilitators should be experts in the topic of the virtual event. Outsourcing a training, workshop or a mental wellness program will save you time, energy and give you peace of mind. After all, if you are encouraging employees to take time out of their day for a virtual event, you want it to be worthwhile and value driven.

We encourage employers to have virtual events with their teams. This really helps to stay connected outside of work responsibilities and creates “togetherness” while working virtually. But when it comes to running a specialized virtual event, you may want to look into getting some help. At Liberate, we understand just how much a virtual event company can benefit businesses. We have helped many corporations improve the mental fitness of their teams. If you’re interested in our virtual events for mental fitness, make sure to book a demo today.

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