Mental Fitness Journal, 90 Day Edition


Designed with daily affirmations, intention setting, and unique prompts and exercises centered around our five mental muscles of presence, courage, gratitude, confidence and resilience, this journal will help you develop a positive mindset and build mental resilience.

We work on our physical fitness, and now it’s time to work on our mental fitness.

128 pages, 90 days of prompts.

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How to Use

This journal is the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their mental fitness and wellbeing.

Dedicate a few minutes a day to strengthen your mental muscles with inspiring and thought-provoking guided exercises. Keep the journal somewhere you can see it so you always remember to take time for your mind!

Daily exercises

Build strength from the inside out


Boost mood and confidence

Intention setting

Set and achieve goals

Unique prompts

Increase self-awareness and joy

Loved by

The benefits of journaling

Lower stress and anxiety

Better sleep and mood

Increased creativity and memory

Helps with focus and goal achievement

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  1. Oliver

    The concept of mental muscles is genius. I feel stronger every day after I spend a couple of minutes journaling.

  2. Alex

    I bought these for my team and they are always a source of conversation for us. We discuss the prompts in meetings and on Slack.

  3. Anna

    Wow, this journal is a level up from the basic ones out there. I love that the prompts are different every day. I find myself eager to open it up every morning and see what comes next!

  4. Erin

    I love this journal!!! I have never been able to journal in the past and this one makes it so easy and fun. Totally changed my mind about journaling.

  5. Pooja

    I am really happy with this journal. I like all of the different prompts and the easy approach to journaling. It makes it easy! Highly recommend.

  6. Nicole

    I LOVE THIS JOURNAL. It’s so easy to use as a new journaler, it’s really nice to follow without asking for too much but still makes you feel introspective and thoughtful.

  7. Kyle

    I got this for my girlfriend and she loved it! Super nice and really great quality.

  8. Harper

    I really appreciate and like the fact that each day is centered around a different mental muscle, and the prompts have helped me be a little more creative & thoughtful in my journaling. Thank you again!

  9. skye zlotkowski

    I love this journal!! Journaling along with the prompts and setting my next days intention has become such a grounding part of my evening ritual that I look forward to every day: curling up in bed with my cat, some tea, and my Liberate journal!

  10. Avery

    I absolutely love my journal. It’s such a quick but meaningful part of my day – I’m always surprised by the insights I get from following the prompts. They are so thoughtful and really make me reflect and feel gratitude and set a great tone for the day. Highly recommend!!

  11. Jason

    Love the Liberate journal. I’ve used multiple daily journals over the last few years, most get stale. Liberate’s journal is the best I’ve found. It has different daily prompts, backed by proven methods, and has become part of my daily morning routine.

  12. Dani

    I love this journal!! Highly recommend to anyone who is new to journaling or is looking for something different than traditional journaling. 🙂

  13. Madison

    Truly one of the best methods for daily mindfulness and centering. I highly recommend incorporating this journal in combination with liberate classes into your routine!

  14. Katie

    I struggle with confidence day to day with my work and also have a hard time being present.

    I feel like this journal is re-training my brain! My husband and I do these prompts together, and I’m already feeling more positive and present going into each work day with the affirmations and intention setting.

    We don’t realize how much mindset can have an affect on our daily lives and I’m so happy to have these fun prompts to make life lighter and filled with more joy.

  15. Jayne

    This journal is so amazing. It arrived really quickly with no problems. I love all of the daily prompts- I do them every morning and they only take about 10 minutes, and they really set me up for the day. It’s different from other journals I’ve used before, what makes it unique are the well thought out features- such as, you put the date in yourself- which means I’m not beholden to do it every day and then if I miss a day I feel like I have not ‘done my homework’. I leave it sitting at my desk and when I sit down to work it catches my eye. I always enjoy the results I get from writing in it and have seen improvements in my life already. Highly recommend!

  16. Chloe

    I haven’t been much of a journaler before, but I really like this one. The prompts help give me some direction, and in just five minutes, I always end up feeling more optimistic and present. Totally worth it for my mental health!

  17. The Zeffers

    Love love love this journal. Each page is filled with prompting words and encouragement. Makes it easy to have those small moments you need to start or end your day with. I always feel I start a journal and find it hard to keep up as life gets busy, this is very simple to add to your day and help build that routine for mindfulness we all need.

  18. Jo

    I love this journal! I am a beginner with gratitude journaling and was worried I wouldn’t get into a flow. This journal is non-intimidating and so easy to follow. I love the look of it and starting my day with a quick, yet mindful exercise. I have been journaling everyday since I got it, do yourself a favor and buy this journal! I absolutely love it!

  19. Shannon

    I love this journal! It’s such a great and simple way to start the day. Usually I just dive straight into work but now I take 5-10 minutes to sit with the journal and follow the prompts. I’ve even added some other routines like stretching and drinking water so I can cram a lot of health in before the day. I love how easy it is to do so I don’t have to try to come up with anything myself. The prompts are great and the affirmations are really lovely reminders to keep me prioritizing what’s important every day.

  20. Katherine

    Having been an avid journaler, i felt a bit discouraged after i fell out of the practice over the last few months. this guided journal has been the perfect amount of structure mixed with free-writing to help me get back into the habit! starting my day with journaling, honing in on my daily intention, and having an affirmation each day really helps me take on the day with a clearer mind. love it!

  21. Anonymous

    I love my new journal and I am actually using it consistently! I often find a blank page a little intimidating for daily writing, so I was looking for a journal that would help guide me. This one is perfect for that! I really like how the journal prompts change each day. I had another journal that got repetitive after just a few days, because it asked the same questions everyday.

    I also really enjoy the time to think about and write down my intentions everyday. I had never done that before, and it has been really impactful — I now reflect and choose how I want my day to go or where I want to focus my efforts & thoughts for the day, instead of just waiting to see how things go. Such a big deal for me! And I do find a lot of the affirmations included in the journal really fun and interesting to try out. I have never used affirmations before either, but they are starting to feel useful for me too! So cool.

    I have to mention too that I appreciate the bonus pages at the beginning of the journal that explain why journaling is useful and includes tips and an explanation of the “mental muscles” that grow stronger through journaling. The intro helped make journaling more approachable and simple for me, which I needed.

    All in all, 5 stars. This journal won me over!

  22. Missy

    This journal is absolutely great for self care. I love the guided entries and the words of affirmation. The design is such an aesthetic…it definitely has the minimalist look for sure. I would order it again. It’s also giftable!

  23. Carli

    This journal is great for someone new to journaling or someone who has already built the habit. I LOVE that there is a different prompt everyday, unlike some other journals I’ve used in the past. Get this journal!

  24. Rachel

    I am a huge fan of this gratitude journal! It’s the perfect blend of structure and creativity. I like that it only requires 5 minutes of my attention daily, and I can even miss days when I need to. It keeps me focused while allowing maximum flexibility. The prompts, daily intention, and daily affirmation are all simple and pertinent. I have not come across a prompt that I haven’t liked which is rare for me with gratitude journals. I will be using this for years.

  25. John H.

    If you enjoy journaling this is a great product for you. I haven’t spent a lot of time with it but flipping through it made me excited to sit down and get to work on self improvement. We all could use a little motivation and guidance from time to time and this product I feel is really going to help with this. Would also make a great gift! Highly recommend.

  26. Sicsempertyrannosaur

    I got this for a friend who is in a self-love journey. He told me that the prompts from the journal are helping him to reflect on his life and his day-by-day. I was delighted to hear that! He is using it currently and loving it!

  27. KC Skiddles

    The Liberate Daily Gratitude Journal is exactly what I need for calming my mind and learning new ways to express my thoughts, actions and intentions. Journaling is a perfect way to dig deep and recognize areas one is doing well and where one can improve. This journal helps in doing exactly that! I would have given 5 stars except for the light grey print on dull paper and it’s hard to see the print without a strong light. However, I am excited to continue on this journaling journey!

  28. Melissa

    I absolutely LOVE this journal! What a wonderful idea!

    I have always started journals…plain paper empty journals, and I never ever follow through with them but then I will find another CUTE journal-buy it, start it, and ends up in my huge pile of empty journals for the most part haha! I even love writing but couldn’t find myself going any further than the first few pages of each journal!

    But THIS!! This is amazing. Reminds me of a guided meditation in a way lol! Each day has a different affirmation for you to and has you write down your intention for the day as well as gives you a question to really reflect on and they are great because they really make you think about some things that you might not otherwise think about!

    Each day (or page I should say because the other AWESOME thing is that they aren’t dated, it is left blank for you to date yourself and I benefit greatly from that because in other journals or anything already “pre-dated” if I miss a few days, Ill give up!) So each day gives you a topic to work on. There are only 5 so they work each one like a brain muscle, if that makes sense haha! But there is courage, presence, resilience, confidence and I cant recall the 5th right now-but I really enjoy how this is very guided…but still unique to yourself because its all your answers and feelings/thoughts!!

    The paper is great to write on, doesn’t bleed thru and comfortable! There is a ribbon book mark, a band on the outside to close your journal and the cover is nice. The only thing is it isn’t “cute” at all haha.. and smaller than I expected but that’s ok because it fits in my purse!

    I absolutely recommend this lovely lil morsel! Oh, also, in the beginning it talks about why journaling is important and how it helps, kind of gives you a little journaling/affirmations 101 lesson which is cool!

  29. Foster Mama

    I don’t journal. I don’t like journaling because either it takes too long (mostly to vent out) or there’s nothing to write. I tried a gratitude journal, just to write down a few things each day. But I felt like I was writing the same things over and over, and that didn’t last either. But I’ve been reading how beneficial it is to journal, especially for mental wellness, I was really hoping to get motivated to start again. Then I found this journal.

    And I LOVE IT! I’ll tell you why.

    This journal is for 90 days. This specified time frame gives me something to look forward to, a goal to accomplish. I think 30 days would be too short and I know it’d take about 2 months to build a habit. 90 days sounded perfect. It also gives me a check-in page every 30 days, which is nice.

    Then, daily prompts. Even if my days were “the same old, same old,” I don’t have to come up with what to write. It’s already there. I didn’t like journaling because many times I had nothing new to write. So this daily prompt helps me immensely.

    There’s a little section on top to write today’s intention. This limited (two lines) section allows me to be brief and focus just on one or a couple of things.

    The short daily affirmations are also nice to read first thing in the morning.

    Oh, yes, I’m trying to do this the very first thing in the morning, before my head starts filling up with worries, stress, and negativities. And because I’m just writing down what I was asked (the daily prompt), it only takes a couple of minutes to complete and I feel like I’ve accomplished something already in a short time. To start this new daily routine on such a positive note the first thing in the morning is working very well.

    This is an awesome journal that I would (well, actually I already did) recommend to my friends and family.

  30. Leo B

    I’ve thought about journaling for awhile but did not really know how to get started and did not want to look at a blank page and go from there. The journal from Liberate makes putting one’s thoughts to paper fun, reflective, and constructive, providing an internal feedback mechanism for ones’s thoughts, observations, and experiences. The prompts are gentle, creative, and thoughtful, helping one to identify subjects for gratitude, appreciation. and self-improvement. I especially like the format and helpful notes in thé Liberate journal. I’ve been journaling for two months and already see the positive results in my outlook and resilience; next I will buy Liberate’s 6-month edition and look forward to future growth & discoveries!

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