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December 17, 2020
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Many of us experience a lower mood in the cold and darker days of winter. So, we asked a few of our founder friends from wellness brands to chime in on how they beat the winter blues so we can all feel a bit lighter this winter.

Work in natural light

If you’re able to in your apartment or home, set up your workstation facing a window with a nice view and ideally some natural light shining on your face. Studies have shown that those who expose themselves to natural light during their work day actually slept longer and better that night, vs. those who didn’t. Better sleep = better mood!

– Katie, Founder of Aila

Create a sanctuary space

Create a space in your home that is sacred–a place where you can find comfort and reflect–a place that touches all the senses. A good supportive cushion, enjoyable scents, and natural lighting.
– Eddie, Founder of Walden

Add ‘Happiness Lists’ to your days

Start by writing a list of things, people, or memories that make you happy. Then spend a few moments visualizing everything you write, and focus on the feeling it generates. Once you’re done, keep the list somewhere close, so you can refer back to it throughout the day.

– Ash, Founder of STUNN Collective

Add Ashwagandha to your diet

Taking an Ashwagandha supplement can help to stabilize your mood, keep you feeling a little bit calmer and happier, and help you ward off the winter blues. If you’re looking for an excellent Ashwagandha supplement, you can find it in Focused by Fredi.

– Chelsea, Founder of Fredi

Be nice to yourself

The worst we can do when we’re feeling down is beat ourselves up more. When you’re feeling blue, allow yourself to accept sadness and sit with it. Remind yourself that the feeling is not permanent, and the season of your mood will turn from Winter to Spring soon!

– Liv, Founder of Liberate

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