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November 10, 2020
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As the weather turns slightly crisp and the days become shorter, we somehow forget to prioritize “me time”. Our mental fitness is forever fluctuating and the same way you would work out your body for good health, your mind needs it too.

For the fall edition of Brand Watch, I’ve selected a few businesses that have made my transition into the autumn season just a little bit easier. Creative ways of incorporating a bit of physical movement, easy to care for house plants and how I ensure a good nights sleep are what you’ll find in this round up!

  1. Reflect for an easy therapy experience. Therapy is a wonderful resource to support your mental well-being and work through challenges you may be facing but it seems really difficult to even find a therapist. I like reflect because they use an algorithm to match you with a great therapist near you.

  2. Yoga Wake Up for yoga in bed! The hardest part about my morning yoga practice is the act of changing out of PJs and into yoga pants. This app makes the transition much more enjoyable (they have yoga out of bed, too).

  3. Lula’s Garden for precious succulents. I don’t know a single person who dislikes succulents, and I have friends that dislike candles. Lula’s succulents are perfectly for gifting and they’re eco-friendly. I recommend Lula’s for holiday gifting, corporate gifting, personal gifting, any excuse you need.

  4. STUNN Collective for magic pills to help you sleep. I genuinely did not have any expectations when trying the AM+PM Beauty Set of plant-based supplements, but I’m a horrible sleeper so I figured it was worth a shot. My skin has cleared up, but most importantly for me, my quality of sleep has definitely improved.

I only have great things to say about the above brands. These are just a few companies that I support in my journey towards my strongest mental fitness. As we head towards winter, don’t forget to prioritize you and to seek out the pockets of joy that make your days a little bit brighter.

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