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May 12, 2020
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Mental fitness can be exercised in many ways but the common denominator is “you”. When you take care of yourself, you become a better person outward into the world. Proactively practicing self-care in even the smallest forms can create a positive ripple effect for the rest of your day.

I believe in showing self-care and appreciation to myself (and those I care about). Through this practice, I’ve discovered some pretty cool companies, brands, and “must-see” places that I just had to share. For this Brand Watch, I have selected an array of businesses ranging from tasty treats and good reads to fantastic outdoor locations.

  1. Haus for flavorful, all-natural apéritifs for happy hour. If white wine or rose every night doesn’t get you as excited as it used to, I recommend Haus. The apéritifs are light and delicious, a perfect way to kick off a Summer Friday night. My favorite is Bitter Clove on the rocks – it feels like a more feminine (and better-tasting IMO) version of whiskey on the rocks.

  2. Otherland for beautiful accent candles at a reasonable price. A friend introduced me to Otherland and I have been hooked ever since. I love candles and usually stock up at TJ Maxx to save a buck; Otherland candles are truly a piece of art. I built a 3-Pack on my first order and chose a few different essential scents to place in my bedroom, living room, and studio space. They smell incredible, and I’m not stressed about using them too quickly since they’re not too expensive.

  3. Parks Project for cool National Parks apparel. I love the soft, cute tops, but it’s more than that. This brand gives back to our parklands, from writing checks to partnering with non-profit groups to protect the parks. I genuinely feel good about each purchase because I know this brand exists to support something I care deeply about.

  4. Marie Andrew for sweet illustrative books and cards. Look no further for extremely thoughtful cards so send for any occasion. Marie has a way of taking our thoughts and putting them artfully down onto a card for us to share with friends. I recommend the Little Gestures book of cards for any occasion.

  5. Book of the Month Club for an easy way to read more books. I was a bit skeptical at first, but the pre-vetted library helps me commit to trying a new book every month, especially genres I wouldn’t typically explore. The worst thing that would happen is you get a book that you’re not head over heels for. At least we’re reading.

  6. Rael for period care and skincare with natural ingredients. I didn’t really put a lot of thought into which tampons I bought or skincare I used until working with Rael. I learned a lot about self-care: most period care includes harsh chemicals, skincare is full of artificial gunk. If we’re going to take care of ourselves, we may as well do it right.

Trying new things can be scary… but also exciting. The next time you’re in a tizzy at work or feeling mentally cluttered, why not go for a walk in a new neighbourhood or pop into a different cafe or even bookstore than you’re used too. You never know where you’ll find a new experience or self care moment.

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