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October 15, 2020
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Our mental health has taken the backseat to our physical health for much too long now. Why are we running for 45+ minutes, and meditating for max 10 minutes? Our investment is imbalanced; We, as human beings, do not take enough time for mental moments. 

A #MentalMoment is anything you do to exercise and take care of your mental health. We’re sharing ways to prioritize your well-being, whether you have 10 minutes or an hour to spare. 

#MentalMoment < 10 Minutes

  1. Meditate. The more we practice stillness and tuning into our body and breath, the more we’re able to bring this sense of calm and mind-body connection with us throughout each day. Start with 5 minutes and work your way up.

  2. Add a gratitude practice. Practicing gratitude trains us to spot the positives in life. Set an alarm for 10 minutes every day to write down everything you’re grateful for, and why you’re grateful for it.

#MentalMoment < 30 Minutes

  1. Walk around the block. Nature, urban nature, whatever you have access to. Spending time outdoors can help reduce stress, and keep a healthy perspective on our lives. If you’re not taking daily walk breaks, start now.

  2. Call them. Whoever “them” is to you: your mom, best friend, long-lost friend from high school. Now more than ever, it is extremely important to take time to connect with human beings. Strive to call a different human every day for one week. 

#MentalMoment < 60 Minutes

  1. Technology Detox. When was the last time you didn’t touch any of your devices for a full hour? Sleeping doesn’t count. Detach yourself at least three days a week and let your mind wander and create. 

  2. Join a Liberate class. Are you still here? If you have 60 minutes, add a mental wellness class to your daily or weekly routine. Movement, journaling, conversation, and meditation. What more could you need?

Our health is multidimensional. Your exercise routine should be, too. 

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