30 Day Digital Journal


Commit to 30 days of journaling with your team or as an individual. This digital journal is hosted on Notion and encourages five to ten minutes of mental fitness per day. With your purchase, you get access to 30 days of intention setting, creative journal prompts, wellness resources, and weekly check-ins to build a robust toolkit of skills to help better manage stress and anxiety. 

This digital journal can be completed from anywhere and is an easy and fun way to build healthy habits that support mental wellbeing at work and in life!


What’s Included

Everyday includes an opportunity set your intention for the day, a meaningful journaling exercise, a wellness resource, and bonus mental muscle check-ins.

The interactive and easy to navigate exercises help prioritize mental health and increase happiness and resilience.

Daily exercises

Manage stress and prevent burnout

Intention setting

Set your day up for sucess

Comprehensive prompts

Work through challenging emotions

Wellness resources

Inspire your wellbeing practice

Loved by

Benefits of Mental Fitness

Lower stress and anxiety

Better sleep and mood

Increased creativity and memory

Helps with focus and goal achievement

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with hundreds of companies to create meaningful moments for teams. Here are the FAQs. 

How do I share the digital journal with my team?

After you purchase the challenge you will receive an email with suggested language and a sign up form to easily share and encourage engagement with your team. We recommend purchasing and announcing the challenge two weeks ahead of the challenge kick off date to build momentum and excitement around the initiative.

Do I lose access to the journal after 30 days?

You and your team members will have access to the digital journal forever so they can revisit it at any time. Many people like to revisit the prompts and exercises regularly.

Can we reward participants for completing the journal? How do they prove completion?

You can ask people to submit a screenshot of their journal dashboard with all days marked as “done” to redeem whatever you choose to offer as a reward internally. Alternatively, we manage the reward process for you: We give your team a form to submit the screenshot of their dashboard and their reward is our Liberate journal. We invoice you for the journals ahead of shipping them to your qualifying employees.

Can we see everyones’ journal information or is it private?

Every team member has their own digital journal which is private to them unless they choose to share it with their team.

Is it possible to add more employees to the journaling challenge later if the group size grows?

Yes! Simply come back to this page and purchase more licenses for the additional employees.

How can we use this as a team?

We recommend kicking off meetings with the daily challenge, discussing in 1:1s, and bringing to all hands meetings.

What should we use as a reward for completing the journaling challenge?

You can reward your employees with gift cards, wellness goodies, or an item for their desk like a tumbler or plant. We love rewarding teams with our mentally fit journal (we handle the shipping for you!).

My team isn’t using this. Can I use it by myself?

Of course! We have a community of hundreds of individuals that utilize our resources on their own.

What is Notion?

Notion is a freemium productivity and note-taking web application. It offers organizational tools including task management, project tracking, to-do lists, bookmarking, and more. We love it because it allows our digital journal and challenge to be interactive for employees.

Do I need to create an account to use it?

All participants of the digital journal will need to create a free Notion account in order to access their own journal. Creating an account is quick, easy and again free!

About Liberate

Liberate is on a mission to strengthen collective mental health through mindfulness. We exist to empower teams and individuals to build a mental health toolkit and better manage stress and build success.

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