Sasha W.

DEI and Mindfulness Expert

Sasha is the type of human being that makes everyone feel immediately seen and heard. As a mindfulness coach and diversity, equity, inclusion, and representation specialist, Sasha uses her thoughtful nature to lead classes that inspire and empower. Plus, her SoulCycle teacher energy literally makes us the SoulCycle of Mindfulness.


PG County, Maryland

Go-to wellness activity

Taking a nap!

Favorite mindfulness guru

Ruth King

Liberate song

Rise and Shine by J. Cole

Favorite mental muscle


Our clients love Sasha

“Sasha was an amazing leader for our intention class! Her voice was soothing and uplifting at the same time and I really appreciated her energy level!”


“Our instructor, Sasha, from Liberate was calming and reassuring and everything you'd want in a leader for this kind of workshop.”


"Sasha Whitney was a wonderful Gratitude session leader. Her energy is so warm and her guidance and attentiveness was wonderful. I've never meditated before, but I've put 10 min on my calendar each day now to do so because of this."

Civitas Learning

"Sasha did a great job of leading us through some stretching, and journaling, and meditation. It definitely reminded me that I have things to be grateful for and to be more present!"

Civitas Learning

Q&A with Sasha

What do you do to manage stress?

Take naps and make sure to prioritize sleep, limit screen time and turn off notifications for social media naps, meditation and breathwork followed by journaling.

How do you prioritize your mental health at work?

No email apps on phone, never skip lunch, even if I’m not hungry I’ll take a midday break, and recognizing I work to live not I live to work and that my worth doesn’t come from a job.

What is your favorite practice for mental fitness and why?

Meditation followed by journaling. When you meditate and take the time to journal, you’re effectively putting a pause button on the day and prioritizing stillness, mindfulness, and overall mental wellness. We are incredibly overstimulated and it can be very hard to hit the pause button. When you’re overstimulated you’re reacting, you’re not being proactive, reasoning, engaging your critical thinking skills, or emotional intelligence. You’re not in tune with your thoughts or even your body. That pause for meditation and mindfulness followed by journaling forces you to activate your brain and keeps you sharp.

What do you love about being a Liberate leader?

The ability to bring something that is impactful to others and pull back the curtain on mental wellness, specifically meditation. Wellness has been westernized, white-washed, and co-opted there commodified. As an unfortunate result, a lot of people think that in order to practice wellness you have to look a certain way or it has to be done in a certain way in a certain space and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mindfulness is for everyone. So is breathwork. So is meditation, no yoga pants or fancy yoga studio necessary. It doesn’t have to be WOOOO, no performative Ommmmmms necessary. You can do it at your desk, commuting to work, as you walk, anywhere. I love that as a Liberate leader I can make wellness and mindfulness accessible to people in the spaces they’re comfortable in which I think empowers people to incorporate into their own lives on their terms.

Personal mantra?

“No matter where you are, no matter what you are going through, you owe it to yourself to keep moving forward.”

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