Skye Z.

Certified Yoga Teacher

Skye is a Registered Yoga Instructor (RYT 200 Yoga Alliance). Employees feel immediately at peace in Skyes’ classes as she offers empowering understanding and leadership in every class she leads.
Skye Zlotkowski


Chicago, Illinois

Go-to wellness activity

Yoga outside

Favorite mindfulness guru

Dan Harris

Liberate song

Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

Favorite mental muscle


Our clients love Skye

"Super easy to follow along with and helped to loosen the body and relax the mind! Highly recommend taking the moment to enjoy one of these classes."


"This was a really great experience. I'm surprised how effective the virtual exercises are, I didn't expect to feel such a benefit from home vs in a studio and will definitely use these visualization tools again. Thank you Skye!"

First Solar

"Skye was great, very calming presence and spoke very beautifully. Her breathing techniques will be used again!"

Growth Division

"The workshop provided valuable insights and tools for effective intention setting, fostering presence, and strengthening connections within our team. We appreciate Liberate's expertise in creating a supportive and impactful experience that gave us an opportunity to be open and vulnerable with one another and will undoubtedly enhance our mental fitness! 💪🏼"


"An invigorating lunchtime experience! I loved the instructor's zen."


"Really appreciated the opportunity to share with my work community. We often share in the same struggles, but don't discuss! This was great."


"The session was brilliant! It was great to understand how to journal and think about gratitude without our daily lives. I also really enjoyed the meditation at the end. I will definitely be taking this into my daily routine."

Growth Division

"It was amazing to take 45 mins out of my busy day to focus on my wellbeing. I was grateful to be able to meditate and learn some new techniques."

Growth Division

"Great class on an important topic. Was very helpful to provide tips and reminders to implement. Skye is a great presenter and has a very calm presence and voice."


"A wonderful experience. Skye was wonderful and a great guide through my company's Intention Setting workshop. A great opportunity to come together and mentally reset our focus and allow some peace during a busy time of year. Thank you Liberate for this opportunity & this service."


"Skye was awesome. She led the class really well. It was thoughtful and restorative. Thanks so much Liberate!"


"Skye was great! She led our team on a wonderful gratitude focused holiday meditation which was the perfect reset at the end of the year near the holiday season."

Twin Eagle

"Skye was very calming and I enjoying the take away resources like the playlist and opportunity to get a mental fitness journal."


"I really enjoyed this workshop. It gave me some tools to use to reflect during and after my workday. Made me feel truly thankful to be a part of the workshop."

Q&A with Skye

What do you do to manage stress?

Gentle hatha yoga with incense and spending time alone listening to music!

How do you prioritize your mental health at work?

Taking mornings for myself for meditation, yoga and making tea before looking at my phone & computer. Switching from coffee to (mostly) tea to keep me calmly energized. And listening to lofi beats or frequencies for positive energy during commutes to/from work.

What is your favorite practice for mental fitness and why?

Journaling! Journaling is the best way to untangle my thoughts and emotions, set intentions and just brain dump that brings me so much clarity and perspective.

What do you love about being a Liberate leader?

I love being able to help introduce people to meditation and the wellness world, especially those who are new to it. It’s amazing to watch people find inner peace and explore the transformative powers of mindfulness - being a part of their wellness journeys is a calling I’m honored to serve as a Liberate leader.

Personal mantra?

Why not live the life!

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