DEI and Mindfulness Workshop

This unique, interactive workshop uses mindfulness to create positive change. The workshop is guided by a DEI expert and explores implicit biases that inform behaviors, in an effort to increase awareness, change behavior, and create a more equitable environment for employees.

Participants leave the workshop with a better understanding of unconscious bias and tools to foster a more inclusive environment.

Topics covered in this workshop: Unconscious bias, microaggressions, mentorship and leadership, equity, and more.

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What’s Included

The class is available in 60 or 90 minute formats and includes a guided presentation, opportunities for reflection and discussion, and Q&A.
The workshop leader, Sasha, creates a safe and understanding environment for every employee to learn and grow as a team.


Learn from an expert on DEI and mindfulness


Understand personal biases


Increase sense of belonging & connection


Release judgement and increase focus

Trusted by more than 200 organizations

The Benefits of Mental Fitness Classes

Manage and release stress and anxiety

Improve your employee’s mental wellbeing

Connect remote teams and lift morale

Strengthen employee relations and culture

How it Works


Select the class that best fits your needs


Click on the class and submit a request to book


We’ll be in touch that same day to answer any questions and help complete your booking


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We can help with that! Let us know what you’re looking for and we will create a custom experience for you and your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with hundreds of companies to create meaningful moments for teams. Here are the FAQs. 

What materials are needed for class?

For a workshop, participants need a journal and pen. For meditation or chair yoga, all you need is an open mind! 

How many people can join the classes?

We lead classes for groups as small as four employees all the way up to 20,000 employees! The price reflects groups of up to 100 employees. If you expect more than 100 employees to join the class, we add a small additional fee to help us provide the best experience for larger groups.

Do you offer class recordings?

We understand that every employees’ schedule is different. At your request, we provide you with the class recording so that you can share the experience with the rest of your team.

Where is the class hosted?

We host our classes on Zoom. At your request, we are happy and experienced with hosting on Teams, Webex, and Google Meet as well as in person.

How do team members join the class?

Team members can dial in from separate computers or phones from their work from home space. If you’re in the office, you can project the class onto a TV in the conference room for everyone to join together.

Can we sign up for a class series?

We are known for our ongoing programming and classes. If you’re interested in multiple classes or a course with Liberate, please get in touch so we can create something custom for you.

Do you offer in person classes?

We lead in person classes all the time! Our class leaders live all over the US. If we’re not in your city, we’re happy to travel for your event.

Can we customize classes?

Many clients of ours choose to create custom programming based on team morale, dynamics and needs. Use the form below to help us get to know you and your goals and we will create a custom plan for you.

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