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May 22, 2022
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A networking coffee the other day left me questioning my approach in business and relationships. 

I’m in the early days of my career, and sought advice from a more established leader in the space. 

One piece of perspective he gave me, is that he believed it is always better to receive. To avoid outreach, and to let people come to you.

In theory, this sounds great. No outreach emails, no job applications, no putting yourself out there with the risk of rejection? Doesn’t sound terrible. 

Actually… it kind of does to me.

Life is not a one way channel. 

I want to give AND I want to receive. I want to share knowledge and value and support and I want to receive love and kindness and wisdom from others. 

Examples of giving: 

– Picking up a friend from the airport

– Making dinner for a loved one

– Offering advice to a coworker

Examples of receiving: 

– Accepting a job offer

– Picking up the phone when a friend calls to check in on you

– Letting someone carry the heavy bag that yes, you could carry, but they offered to carry it

I spent about 24 hours thinking, “well shoot, am I too focused on the giving? Should I be doing less outreach, keeping to myself, and letting people come to me?” 

My answer personally is no. I believe we get out of this life what we put into it. If I put love and energy and effort and passion into my work and my relationships, I am more inclined to receive the same. 

The key is to keep yourself open to receiving, which I struggle with and am working on. 

So today do a personal audit and ask yourself if your nature is more outbound or inbound? How can you create more balance?

More Support:

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3. Playlist of the week

With love and light,  Liv

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