How to celebrate your people

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April 10, 2022
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Who in your life deserves to be celebrated?

I’m in a season of loved ones’ birthdays right now and it has me thinking more and more about celebrations. 

How we wait until one day of the year to tell people we love them, and why we love them. How we often reserve our kindness for holidays or special occasions. 

I am personally working on celebrating my people 365 days a year (and going a little extra on their birthdays of course). 

Prompts to think about who to celebrate and how to celebrate them:

Who are 2 people in your life who are crushing it right now?

Who are 2 people in your life who are struggling right now?

How can you celebrate and support all 4 of these people this week? Remember that no action is too small. Send a sweet text, give your grandma a call (I’m talking to myself here), plan a thoughtful activity to do with friends, the list goes on. 

Additional Resources:

Relationships workshop to love your partner

Affirmations in the workplace

Don’t forget to love yourself

With love and light,  Liv

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