Cherish the ones you love

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June 4, 2023
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Happy pride month! 

Who do you love? What do you love about them? When was the last time you talked to this person?

I was recently reminded just how special it is to feel connected to people – family, coworkers, friends, and strangers. 

I DM’ed an influencer so to speak on Instagram once. We had gone to the same college and we were both in the fitness world but had never met. She was an inspiration to me in a lot of ways and I asked her to get coffee when she was in LA. 

We had the most fun afternoon together. We had a full confessional, laughed at absurdities, shared challenges, took an impromptu photoshoot, and I gave her a ride to her next destination. 

To this day we are good friends and despite living far away from each other we exchange voicenotes regularly. We understand each other more than many people ever will. 

Now let me be clear – I network and meet new people constantly, and it does not always go like this. Sometimes it feels awkward, I may struggle to find common ground, or we simply don’t click. 

I think the fact that it is a bit difficult to make meaningful connections with people and connect on a deep level makes our strong relationships that much more special. 

When you find your people, they are your PEOPLE. And sometimes we take that for granted. I assume they will always be there no matter what. Maybe they will, but that I should still reach out, call, send kind texts, think of them during my meditations, connect with them and send my love. 

Be it your literal family or your chosen family – reconnect with that special bond that you share with your people. 

Cherish the ones you love. 

Resources for connection: 

  1. Meetup 
  2. Human connect with coworkers 
  3. Don’t forget to connect with yourself 

With love,

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