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February 12, 2023
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We are aging.

Let’s accept it. 

Accept that work doesn’t bring you joy and find it somewhere else instead. 

Once we accept a fact, our options are to embrace the reality of the moment or to change our circumstance. 

When we avoid acceptance we orchestrate a battle, declaring war on ourselves and the present moment. 

I accept that I’m aging. I won’t resist, I won’t deny. Now how can I make the most of this age? How can I take care and love my body now and for the future? 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t accept EVERYTHING. There are definitely some things that we can and should change. The point is that we need to pick our battles. 

A list of things I accept:
The bags under my eyes
Long lines at the grocery store
I’m not ready to have a dog
Some friends don’t do phone calls 

A list of of what I will fight for:
Daily movement
Quality time with my partner
Relationships with friends and family 

Imagine that anything you’re not willing to fight over automatically defaults to acceptance rather than resistance. 

What does that look like and feel like to you? 

What are you resisting now, and is it worth the fight? 

I accept that wine gives me hangovers. My solution will be to drink less rather than try to force the fun. 

I accept that sometimes I don’t feel motivated to work long hours. I will embrace those days rather than beat myself up and feel guilty. 

I said to my friend Nikki, “my relationships would be so much healthier if I accepted everyone the way I fully accept you for who you are.” 

My challenge to you is to think about the person you fully accept as they are. And practice loving yourself the same way.


  1. Meditation on Acceptance
  2. The song I listened to as I wrote this
  3. eBook for Compassion

With love and light,

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