Can you give yourself the credit you deserve?

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October 23, 2021
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What do you like about yourself? What have you recently accomplished? Do these questions make you uncomfortable?

If yes, that’s normal. And it’s because we don’t exercise our pride muscle. 

Pride represents self-love, compassion, and confidence. Our pride muscle, when flexed, allows us to reflect on who we are and what we have created for ourselves, and be PROUD of the work we have put in to get where we are today.

Consider these prompts to strengthen this muscle:

1. What did you accomplish in the past week? For me, I’m proud of this piece in The Washington Post that covers Liberate as the leader of the Mental Fitness Movement

2. What do you love about yourself? I love my honesty! I share my journey with stress, anxiety, and even panic attacks in podcasts on the reg.

Your turn! Know that if these prompts feel challenging, that’s normal. Imagine going for a run for the very first time – it may feel impossible. The more we do it, the stronger we become.

Supportive Resources: 

1. Strengthen confidence muscles with this course

2. Listen to my admittedly really wild Confidence Playlist

3. Journal with prompts for self-love

You shine! Don’t forget it.


With love and light, 


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