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February 26, 2023
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Listen, I’m getting old. 

28 going on 29 this week. 

Now I know all my aunts and uncles reading this are saying “that’s not old!!” and maybe you’re right, but my tendencies are definitely aging. 

I traveled over the holidays. 

I took a few flights and landed in Paris. I spent 10 days traveling and exploring France. 

You’re probably thinking, “Paris! How magical! How romantic!” 

Yes, 100%. Beautiful city. I ate one million croissants. It was great. 

And also… 

It was actually hard for me. 

It took me time to adjust to a new city, language, culture and country. 

I panicked when I couldn’t navigate the train station and nearly missed my train.  

I felt nervous trying to communicate with locals with my next to non-existent French and overall confused demeanor. 

One of my biggest takeaways and learnings from my 28th year on earth is I have to work to stay open and free and young. 

It’s not like I’ve always been this way. 

I lived in Africa for a summer. 

I studied abroad in Madrid and Hong Kong. 

I went on a solo trip to Peru! 

Looking back, those new experiences seemed easy. 

I traveled so often that I was used to being in different environments. I embraced the change. I didn’t have a cemented routine or drink order. 

Versus this past trip – I hadn’t been to Europe in almost 10 years. I hadn’t been to a foreign country since 2017.  

I’m not saying we all have to travel to a different country once a quarter (or ever) to stay young. What I’m saying is we can all benefit from opening ourselves to new, unique experiences that challenge our ritualistic way of thinking and living. 

Go to a different grocery store just to see how it feels to not know where everything is (if it stresses you out, you’re not alone).
Try a new cuisine or new restaurant instead of revisiting your go-to spot.
Watch a movie in another language with subtitles to remind yourself that your world isn’t the only one that exists. 

And as you do these things – tips that help me:

  • It only gets easier
  • Give yourself grace, you’re doing great  
  • Remember that emotions are temporary 

With love and light 

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