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September 18, 2022
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Why oh why can’t life be easy?

*Prepare for the dramatics* 

I spent a few weeks at home in Upstate New York this summer and it was so nice. I spent time with my family every day, was greeted by adorable nephews with food smeared all over their faces each morning, walked the same loop in town I walked as a 13 year old while eating Special K Bars and gossiping about who knows what, and wore the same oversized t-shirt for honestly 13 days straight. 

I felt really happy.

I felt comfortable. 


At home.

And part of me wanted to stay that way. 

I get a pit in my stomach when I leave my family, when I leave my hometown.

My eyes water and I think about changing my flight or planning another trip to come back the next month. 

Life in LA is ever-expanding. My evolution as an individual, the growth of my business, the change in my social circle. 

It is uncomfortable. 

Change, growth, expansion, evolution – these pushes feel like a chick hatching out of its shell. 

In the moment, it feels like an ending, and that’s because it is.

It’s scary not knowing what is coming next. The chick would likely prefer to stay in its shell, the home it’s known forever that is safe and warm.

If only they knew what was on the other side of the shell. A massive world waiting for them with experiences beyond their wildest beliefs. 

I’m the chick, you’re the chick, we’re all the chick. 

I think it’s good to be uncomfortable. It means you’re growing. 

My dad said to me, “you’ve been comfortable for a while now, which probably means it’s time you get uncomfortable.”

So. Here’s to challenging our comfort zones and leaning into expansion.

It’s going to be great 🙂


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With love and light,  Liv

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