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April 2, 2023
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What takes your breath away?

Who in your life feels like a breath of fresh air?

For me, time in the mountains is so peaceful and grounding. 

I am in awe at the majestic nature of a mountain peak. 

I can’t believe how resilient these formations are. 

Rain, snow, fire, drought – they persevere. 

They glisten in the sun and remain unwavering in the storms. 

It makes me wonder if life is that simple. 

If we go back to our roots, to the human nature inside of us, are we all breathtaking? 

Is every breath we take quite literally a breath of fresh air?

Look no further than the elements inside of you for inspiration. 

Earth: You stand tall like a mountain.
Fire: Your heart beats like the sun.
Wind: Every breath brings air to your lungs.
Water: A river flows inside of you. 

When we feel a sense of disconnect sometimes we interpret that as a need to see more people, plan more things and catch up on social media. 

I suggest trying the opposite: close your computer, put away your phone, and do one of two things:

  1. Immerse yourself in nature and let the natural power of the elements take your breath away.
  2. Sit quietly with yourself and connect with the elements that exist inside of you.

With elemental magic,

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