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July 10, 2022
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Are you listening to music right now?

Who was the last artist you listened to? What made you turn them on? How did their music make you feel?

Music is proven to help us relax and destress, and it can also boost our mood, make us nostalgic, give us boss energy, you name it.

Music can also support our wellbeing in times of need.

Sometimes it can feel difficult for us to lean on our community. To call a friend and cry to them, or let a family member or coworker know you’re struggling. It feels vulnerable and scary and maybe even dramatic?

While I fully support leaning on others and openly communicating how we’re feeling, I also understand that it isn’t easy and maybe isn’t even always helpful. 

So, lean on music. 

Which artists make you feel resilient? 

What songs make you feel like you are unstoppable?

What genre puts pep in your step?

What playlist relaxes you and melts away stressors?

We can draw inspiration and strength from the experience of sound, and curate our experience to be exactly what we need in the moment. 

I often draw inspiration from the artists themselves – listening to Maggie Rogers and thinking how incredible it is that she was an NYU student hustling hard and now she is a mainstream sellout artist. Or playing Beyonce and feeling inspired by the way she masters her craft, prioritizes family, and holds true to her values. 

My point is, we are never alone.

Even when it feels like it. 

Even when we choose to be. 

There are millions of songs and artists that exist to support you.

Liberate has a thick library of playlists to help you feel resilient, confident, present, you name it, so lean on us, too. 

More Support:

1. Feel inspired and creative

2. A playlist to uplift you

3. Music for your next focus session

With love and light,  Liv

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