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March 26, 2023
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Happy day! How are you today?

I have a really great story to share. 

Note – I switch around some details of the story to protect privacy, but the ethos remains the same. 

My cousin is single. 

My yoga teacher is single. 

Both great people. Both interested in a long-term partner. So I figured, why not introduce them?! I thought they would hit it off.

They were both on board, so I put them in a group text and let ‘em take it from there. 

Only nothing ever happened. 

They didn’t even go out. 

I asked my cousin what happened and they said that they didn’t vibe over text, so they never made it happen. 

Now I go to worst case scenario in my head. I’m thinking “what did you do!!! Now it’s going to be so awkward when I do my private classes with her.”

I reached out to my yoga teacher a few times to schedule a class and I never heard back. This was super unusual – we had been working together for 10 years! 

I spiral – it’s because of this setup, this failed date, I ruined my relationship with her, how terrible! 


A few months later, my yoga teacher posts photos on Instagram of their wedding and new baby!

She wasn’t mad at me. She wasn’t hung up on my cousin. 

She had been a little busy with some important life moments. 

A classic case of making things about me and assuming the worst case scenario. 

Next time you assume the worst – ask yourself – “Do I know without a doubt that this is true?”. When the answer is no, take three deep breaths and assume the best instead. “Maybe they’re not texting me back because they are absolutely thriving and genuinely don’t have the time but wish me well!” 

Best Case Scenario Resources: 

  1. One minute clarity breathing 
  2. How to show others love 
  3. Remember your mental fitness  

With love and light, 

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