Who’s to say what’s bad or good

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October 23, 2022
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Some of you may have opened this letter already giggling at the subject line because you have heard me say “who’s to say” one million times. 

For everyone else, let me back up. 

I have a favorite fable that communicates the reality that we don’t always know what’s good or bad in the moment. Something may seem bad, and then there could be a positive ripple effect, and vice versa. The point of the story is to encourage us to simply allow experiences to be vs. immediately label them. 

Of course this one-liner popped into my head just now, on my Saturday morning, while I sit solo on my balcony, listening to tropical house music, eating pancakes, drinking matcha, and actively forcing myself not to work. 

I’m supposed to be relaxing. 

Saturdays are meant to recoup.

I told myself this was my day off.

There is a book right next to me. 

Yet, I want to work. I have a lot of emails to catch up on, our star Operations Coordinator needs feedback on numerous projects, and I can’t stop thinking about everything that needs to get done. 

I’m afraid constantly working will lead to burnout. Every article and every expert (myself included) preaches balance, days off, unplugging, etc. 

They make it seem like working on the weekends is bad. Now I feel guilty. 

Then I remember… who’s to say what’s bad and what’s good?

My goal here is not to make you want to work on the weekends, or feel bad for not working on the weekends, it’s quite the opposite. 

I think we should all do what feels good to us (as long as it’s safe and without harm toward ourselves or others).

If I want to work on the weekend – if that brings me joy – why is that bad? If you want to watch Netflix all day today, is that wrong? Is the best option to go run a 10k?

We have to acknowledge that we’re all unique human beings with special interests, behaviors, and needs. 

I personally cannot do baths. Five minutes in there and I feel like I am going to pass out. One of my best friends, on the other hand, loves baths and spends hours relaxing in the tub. 

What works for me may not work for you. That’s beautiful and exciting because that means we get to explore different practices and experiences to find what fuels us. 

My challenge to you out of this is to start asking yourself, “am I doing this because I think I’m supposed to do it, or because I want to do it and it feels good to me?”

Do more of the latter.


1. My favorite fable (as led in a meditation)

2. Try something new

3. Everyday intentions meditation

With love and light, 


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