Who has the time?

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October 9, 2022
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What is your most precious resource?

Is it time?

Now – do you think you have enough of it?

Most people I know would say they don’t. They would say that there aren’t enough hours in the day, they are so busy, they are “too busy,” they “don’t have time.”

I hear you. I relate. I feel the same.

Rather, I felt the same.

Recently I’ve decided to change my language around time.

I used to say “I don’t have time” on a daily basis. I couldn’t meet up with friends because I had to work on a project, I didn’t have time. Didn’t make a doctor’s appointment for the 4th week in a row because I didn’t have time. Stayed glued to the computer for 10 hours and never went for a walk because I didn’t have time.

That narrative made me feel powerless. Like I was a Sims character being dragged around by a higher source, and that made me feel anxious.

I have been working on reminding myself of a few things:

1. We all have the same amount of hours in a day.

2. We are in control of our physical bodies and minds.

3. We can set our own priorities.

Yes, I may have demands or requirements that I need to own and so that dictates my schedule, but it is my choice to prioritize those demands.

It is my choice, not to carve out the 30 minute walk. I get to decide my priorities. And if my priority is work and not the walk that is fine, but I want to and need to own that.

So I no longer say “I didn’t have time.” I say “I didn’t prioritize exercise today.” The new version acknowledges the agency that I have over my own decisions, and reminds me that I have the luxury of making choices for myself.

Maybe tomorrow I will choose to prioritize exercise.

Every day is new. I have time. There is always time.

Make time for your priorities this week.


1. Make the most of your time

2. Prioritize mindfulness with us on World Mental Health Day (tomorrow!)

3. Remember to have fun

With love and light,  Liv

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