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May 8, 2022
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I want to talk about something personal that affects my mental health. 


Self-imposed, societal, and familial. 

Pressure to perform. 

Pressure to inspire. 

Pressure to stay fit. 

Pressure to be funny. 

Pressure to maintain a social life. 

Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is on my shoulders… and I put it there. Yes, society puts pressure on all of us – women, entrepreneurs, leaders, you name it. That said, when I break down where the pressure I feel is coming from, a lot of it comes from me. I relate deeply to Luisa in Encanto (anyone else?). 

I put SO much pressure on myself. As if nothing I do will ever be enough.

When I zoom out I have perspective and can acknowledge my progress, my accomplishments, and my strong relationship to the self. 

Is it possible for acceptance and feelings of lack to coexist?

I think so. 

I accept where I am and at the same time know there is so much more that I have to go. 

So, my reframe for the month is to remind myself that I GET to do these things in my life. I get to work hard, I get to exercise, I get to crack jokes, I get to make plans with friends. 

This day, this life, is a blessing. Simply “being” is success. The rest is a bonus. 

I encourage you this month to share how you’re doing, how you’re REALLY doing and what’s going on for you, with a friend. Talk about what upsets you, what you’re working on, what brings you joy, all of it. 

I promise you, you are never alone. We’re in this together. And, you are enough.

Additional Resources:

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With love and light,  Liv

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