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October 3, 2021
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Name something you’re really into these days. I’ll go first… READING.

I started reading a new silly romance novel on Saturday (yes, I stayed in and read it all night) and finished it by Monday. There is no better feeling to me than finding a good book that you can’t put down.

The next day I embarked on a solo trip. This trip was intended to be with a friend, but she came down with a cold and had to cancel. I was suddenly thrust into an environment where I knew no one and wasn’t sure what to do with myself, especially during meals.

Luckily, there were bookstores at my destination.

I read at breakfast, I read in the park, I read at a fancy restaurant over dinner.

Spending time alone is a beautiful thing and reading can actually help us get to know ourselves better. Learning what kind of books I like to read, I see what makes me emotional, what type of characters I’m drawn to and what messages really resonate with me.

So I encourage you to find a new book this week and explore yourself and a new world simultaneously. You never know what you’ll uncover (it’s also a great way to decompress).

Bookworm Resources: 

1. Our favorite mindfulness/“self-help” books

2. Background beats for reading

3. Pre-reading meditation to get present

Have fun!

With love and light,


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