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May 21, 2023
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One day I will write one of these letters and it will be all happy and dandy and I’ll talk about flowers and sunsets. But for now, I stick to the drama. So…

Have you ever experienced heartbreak?

I have, many times. 

Romantic breakups, seeing someone I love in pain, and being seriously let down have all caused physical pain in my heart. 

I recently felt heartbreak again when leaving my hometown after speaking at Syracuse University. And I think it was for a few reasons. My heart ached over the memories that came back to me on campus – how much time I got to spend with my friends, how few worries I had, the constant laughter that filled my days. I felt heartbroken over the fact that I only get to see my parents a few times a year, and that I live so far away from one of my favorite places in the world, the place I called home for 22 years. 

I cried over all of it at the airport. I felt a bit dramatic and silly about it, while super sad at the same time. 

I wished I could be in two different places at once. I wished I could stop time and relive all of the good moments with more presence. 

The heartbreak felt too intense and I started to feel overwhelmed by my emotions. 

I took three deep breaths to calm myself down. 

And I asked myself, are heartbreaks what make our heart beat?

My heart breaks over people and places I love. So maybe it’s not breaking at all… maybe it’s beating, faster and with more power?

I think it’s possible to change the mindset around heavy emotions and recognize that while I can’t stop time or be in two places at once, I can love and I can love hard.

I can be present, wherever I am, and express gratitude for that moment.

Our hearts beat for what they break for.

And I think that makes our hearts grow bigger and stronger.

If you ever feel overcome with emotion or are currently dealing with a heartbreak of any kind, know you’re not alone. And know that even within the difficult and sad feelings there is also something beautiful – the ability to love so big that your love overflows. 

Let’s do something good with our love. 

Resources to love big: 

  1. Show yourself some love 
  2. Self-love eBook
  3. Gift this to someone you love 

With love and light, 

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